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Interviews with Christine Dela Parker

Watch Christine Parker's Interview with George Noory on Beyond Belief (August 2016)

Christine D. Parker with George Nooy
Interview with George Noory

The Moore Show

Listen to Christine Dela Parker's conversation with Kevin Moore on the British program The Moore Show.

After Dark Radio Show

After Dark Radio, with host Bryan Alvarez, interview Christine Dela Parker about the Bigfoot, Dog Man, and other abnormal activity surrounding her home. 

Click here to listen to the interview on the After Dark Radio Show

Coast to Coast AM

Listen to the interview on here on Coast to Coast AM Radio with host Dave Schrader.


Sasquatch Chronicles

Listen to the Interview on Sasquatch Chronicles with Wes Germer, William Jevning, and Shannon Legro.

Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio, with hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, interview Christine Dela Parker about 100 Bigfoot Nights in what becomes Christine's first public discussion about the Bigfoot activity surrounding her home.  


Part 1: Bigfoot Nightmare Begins


Part 2: Stalked By Sasquatch


Part 3: Bigfoot, Dog Men, and Monsters 



News and blogs about 100 Bigfoot Nights


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Bigfoot Lunch Club: A Family Tormented by Bigfoot will be the Topic of Coast to Coast AM Radio (Click Here)


Mysterious Universe: Two Dogman Reports in 30 Days by Paul Seaburn  (Click Here)


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