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The Paranormal Link (book 3)

Ch.1 Relentless Beast


      Why did the Bigfoot try to sneak into the house? What did it really want? Was it looking for food, as Mr. Hill the Bigfoot investigator, suggested? Or did it want something else? No one really knows the answer, especially us, since these creatures don’t seem to behave as we expected. Everything we did to keep them away had backfired.

      We put up cameras, shot the yard with flashlights, and brandish guns. We thought it sent a clear signal that we didn’t want them anywhere near the house. It seemed like we chased them away every time they came close and even the dogs barked at them, but apparently it had produced the opposite results.

      By responding to their actions, we were acknowledging their presence and interacting with them. Basically we were giving them attention. It reminded me of an old saying, “Any attention given, whether good or bad, is still attention.”

      Now, according to Mr. Hill, due to our unpleasant interactions with the creatures we were maybe part of “their clan.” If so, it was definitely the unwelcome “part.” Mr. Hill also suspected the creatures were not even going to try hiding from us anymore. Considering they had already shown themselves a few times, I could only imagine what that meant.

      I kept picturing pulling back the French-door curtains and seeing a beastly face looking back. This was a potentially horrifying problem. I was terrified just thinking about it. I told myself, “No matter what happens just do not look out those windows at night.” Problem solved.

 I wished all our problems were as simple as that but unfortunately that was not the case. We had Bigfoot drinking out of our pool and trying to sneak into our house and I thought listening to them was bad enough. Their breaking branches, screaming, hollering, knocking, mimicking, talking, and throwing things had become somewhat expected.

      Now I considered those things the good ole days. We were facing a new aspect of terror and after speaking to Mr. Hill a few days later, evidently we had another problem. When I mentioned the condition of the house, when we first bought it, he seemed quite interested. He asked many questions and as I began to explain some of the bizarre damage we found, he kept saying, “Oh no, oh no.”

      Knowing it was bad news, I finally asked what he thought. He said the damage reminded him of something he had read about concerning the creatures but he would not elaborate. He would call me back after doing some research. I dreaded hearing back from him.

      At the time, I didn’t tell him but deep down inside the terrifying thought of the creatures being in the house before we bought it had already crossed my mind. I just did not want to think about it. The thought was too horrifying and it was the last thing I wanted to know.

      I wanted to know why a Bigfoot would turn our door handle and try to sneak into the house. There had to be a reason it didn’t just breakdown the door and walk in. I tried to analyze it from a logical perspective.

      The night the creature tried to sneak into the house, it knew we were awake inside. Dean and I were just outside taking pictures of its footprints by the swimming pool. It was probably watching us the whole time. They already know were awake all night. They can hear us in the office and they can hear the television. All of us were home at the time and so were the dogs. Why would a Bigfoot want to contend with all of us for a simple meal as Mr. Hill suggested.

      I couldn’t help but wonder; what did the creature really want? What would have happened if the deadbolt had been unlocked and I had stayed in the family room with Dean and the dogs? The Bigfoot would have quietly snuck into the house and, depending on which way it went, it could have easily made it to the kitchen before the dogs reacted. The dogs would have barely slowed the creature down.

      It also could have snuck upstairs if it had gone a different direction. In that case, we wouldn’t even had known it was in the house until it was too late. What were the creature’s intentions?

      Knowing that a Bigfoot could easily break through the doors and windows only added to the mystery. Until I remembered something Mr. Hill said about a Bigfoot. He said, “They fear guns. The creatures are fully aware of what a gun is and the damage it can do; even a grazing shot could be deadly to them due to infection.”

      If true, then sneaking into the house from the creature’s perspective would make more sense. We even recorded something sneaking up to the house and whispering the words, “Bang-bang.” Did they also know what these words meant? (Audio Book 3 Chapter 1)

      They know after watching us that we are armed and, after this particularly horrifying incident, I too had a gun nearby. Dean gave me his 357 Magnum. I had shot the Magnum before and it was easy to operate. I now keep my gun within arm’s reach. He placed his 45 automatic in the desk drawer next to him along with additional clips. Of course, I hoped we would never have to use them but it seemed having them might have prevented a catastrophic event.

      I guess breaking down the doors or busting through the windows would definitely be their worst and last option. Although it is always an option, depending on how motivated and angry the creature had become. Since we were dealing with an army of them, I had to assume that maybe it was only one or two causing all the problems. It seemed more likely than not.

      Logically if they all wanted us dead, we would have been dead by now. Therefore, what were we dealing with? Was it beastly curiosity, anger, hunger, or retaliation? What did the creature want? Unfortunately, despite my speculation we didn’t have any definite answers. The truth is nobody did. As Dean stated, “How do you get into the mind of a creature?”

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